CBD Balm 800mg CBD – 60ml

£35 GBP

Our organic CBD Balm is ideal if you're looking for potential help to ease muscle soreness and recovery, joint pain, injuries, or skin conditions including psoriasis or eczema.

The We Are Kynd CBD Balm is created with a unique blend of natural ingredients, including an organic hemp extract (Cannabis Sativa L.), Jojoba Oil, Cacao Butter and Apricot Extract. The natural preservative of Rosemary extract will mean the balm can last for up to two years, along with Olive Lecithin to maintain the right consistency plus it smells amazing! We have lots of customers that get in touch to say how effective it is!

The hemp extract for the CBD Balm is produced using organic alcohol to extract the cannabinoids. And then an additional calcination process is performed to extract mineral salts from the plant to ensure no benefits are wasted.

Balms have been used to treat injuries for thousands of years. And although modern technology makes production easier, it still follows the same techniques to ensure our CBD Balm is completely free from synthetic compounds and parabens.

The result is a natural, easy-to-use method of potentially easing skin conditions with CBD. And as a long-lasting product which is easy to store, it's perfect for those who suffer occasional muscle aches and pains. Or for keen sportspeople who want to aid recovery from strains and injuries.

CBD can also reduce stress and anxiety, which can also aid your sporting performance. As an example, why not check out our guide to CBD for golf and golfers.



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