Planet Kynd

The cornerstone of our business is our belief that the planet is precious and that as its human inhabitants we must conduct our business- life and our personal life in such a way that we do as much as we can to minimise harm, conserve resources and give back. This belief was fostered when Lewis Rixon, founder of We Are Kynd spent long periods of time in Malaysia, Borneo and Indonesia witnessing firsthand the natural beauty (which he captured behind the lens in a series of beautiful photographs) and the devastation in the sea and on the on shore caused by plastic pollution and other waste. He resolved that any business he founded would not play a part in contributing to this.


Our glass bottles are recyclable

The pipettes are recyclable

Our leaflets are printed on recycled paper with vegetable ink and we print small supplies digitally.

We use shredded recyclable paper from our home office to protect our products when we pack them

Our boxes are compostable and recyclable

The non paper envelopes we use to protect our products in the post are made from 100% recyclable materials and naturally are 100% recyclable too.

We are always looking for new ways in which we can become even more Planet Kynd and welcome ideas from customers.

Customer Kynd

Providing a high quality product is crucial especially in a sector where quality can vary significantly. But the service a customer receives from the moment they enquire about one of our products to the aftercare has to be flawless with the unerring focus on eliciting a WOW – ‘Wow’ I did not expect that’ ‘Wow that was just an amazing service’.....

So ....

We really do put customers at the heart of everything we do with an unrelenting focus on making our customers feel they have made the right choice in choosing our products – both emotionally (good vibes) and rationally (knowing they really have made the right choice)

We offer our customers many ways to contact us and to order from us.

We are not a faceless internet business where we push email as the only channel of contact because it’s convenient for us. Our customers can talk to us on LinkedIn, Facebook; Instagram; email, telephone, twitter and face to face if they are local.

We stand in the shoes of our customers and look at the landscape through their eyes. Product arrives damaged? (Thankfully a rarity) No problem. Simply call us and we’ll immediately send a replacement without quibble. We trust our customers so they don’t have to jump through hoops when they experience a niggle.

We offer next day delivery as standard (unless an order is placed on a Saturday or public holiday that is)

We ask our customers for feedback – not as a thinly veiled strategy to up sell or cross sell – but simply to find out what they think about our products and the impact they are having on their wellbeing. And we consider all feedback!

We provide useful, interesting and relevant content for customers; from our glossy, high quality magazine to our podcasts, videos and blogs.

Charity Kynd

Seeing firsthand the natural habitat of the Orang-utan being devastated for Palm Oil had such a profound impact on Lewis when he was living in Borneo that he made a commitment to supporting the One Tree Planted charitable initiative ( where one dollar plants one tree)once We Are Kynd was up and running. It’s his goal in the next 12 months that We Are Kynd will have contributed to the planting of 1,000 trees. Watch this space and hopefully it will be filled with trees.

Product Kynd

CBD oil is now hugely popular as more of us look beyond the confines of the chemist in a bid to take greater control over our wellbeing and explore new ways in which we can find solutions to our varied palette of health problems.

But there are now so many CBD products to choose from that it can be tough for a customer to know what constitutes a really great ethical product and what a poor one. They have to trust the company they are buying the CBD oil from.

We spent a few months visiting producers of CBD oil so that we could see what really lay beyond the trade shows and snazzy websites. We had a list of 20 potential suppliers before arriving at the chosen one.

So We Are Kynd CBD products....

Our certified organic vegan CBD products that comply with GMP, ISO & FSSC 2200.

Have government accredited laboratory testing facilities where the oil is tested for purity and contamination; a test that consists of three parts; Cannabinoid profile, Terpene Profile and Contamination testing. (We can provide customers with more information on the stringent testing processes our oil goes through but please be assured it’s the most advanced and thorough testing available for CBD oil.)

And, our supplier represents the largest growers of certified European hemp so there is never an issue with product supply.