Sporting stars credit CBD for their recoveries...

One of the biggest recent trends in CBD has been in sport. From casual joggers to amateur athletes and professional sports, the availability of CBD oils with zero THC (like the We Are Kynd Zero THC Isolate CBD Oil) has meant that it's become a viable option.

Not only is there growing research into the use of CBD for sport, but various notable names are starting to credit it with helping their recovery from injury or illess. You can see more on the difference between Full Spectrum and Zero THC Oil in our guide, here.

Sporting stars are crediting CBD for their recoveries from injury and illness

Sports stars credit CBD for recoveries, plus new research...

Scotland rugby union star Finn Russell has spoken to The Scotsman about how CBD seems to have help him recover from a groin injury, and how he's now recommending it to colleagues at French club Racing 92.

And former European Tour golf pro Chris Bibby has also revealed to GolfMagic that CBD has helped him return to playing following his diagnosis with Multiple Schlerosis in 2015

A recent research study looked at 517 professional male rugby players and found that around 25% had used CBD or were still using it, with 68% reporting a perceived benefit in aiding recovery, reducing pain, and improving sleep. For more on CBD in sport, we've written dedicated guides to using CBD oil for golf, and using CBD for running.


Whole hemp CBD added to European Commission cosmetic ingredients

It's important that anyone buying CBD products can understand and trust what they're getting. So it's great to see that natural whole hemp from low THC varieties of the plan have now been listed in the European Commission cosmetic ingredient database.

Until now, only synthetic CBD had been included. The change isn't a legal decision, but the ingredients database operates as a guideline for countries within the EU, and means skincare products like our organic CBD Balm are treated in the same way as CBD oils and capsules. Which makes things clearer for all of us, and will hopefully encourage even more research into the potential benefits.


Synthetic CBD treatment can eradicate Staphylococcus bacteria

Staphylococcus Aureus is a common bacteria which normally lives on the skin or nose, and is typically harmless unless it can enter the body through a cut. In those situations, the results can be a mild, or even fatal.

So it's good news that a CBD ointment and gel were tested in a world first clinical study on humans, and shown to eradicate up to 76.2% of staphylococcus bacteriea from the nose of healthy volunteers.

This may be a synthetic formula created specifically for an antimicrobial product, but it's another example of how CBD might be utilised in a wide range of cases in the future, particularly as antibiotic resistance becomes more of a problem for medical treatments.


It's great to see more positive news about the potential benefits of CBD, and more clarity for both manufacturers and customers.