CBD Continues Global Growth, Despite Brexit Complications

The CBD industry is still relatively new, and constantly changing and evolving. So to help you understand more about what's happening, and how we're working hard to give you the best information and products, we've started rounding up the biggest, more interesting, or just entertaining CBD news each week.


CBD Continues Global Growth, Despite Brexit Complications

Global CBD to reach $25.57 billion by 2027

It's hard to ignore the big growth in CBD as more people discover the potential benefits. And it doesn't look likely to slow down any time soon, with market research firm Data Bridge predicting the CBD oil extract market will reach $25.57 billion by 2027.

And the UK market is going to continue to grow. In 2019, a Yougov survey suggested 1 in 10 Britons are already using Cannabidiol products, and a quarter of the British population say they'd consider using CBD, particularly people between 18-24, and 25-49.


CBD businesses adjust to post-Brexit

We're working hard to ensure that our supplies aren't disrupted by Britain leaving the European Union, but it's created a range of challenges for the industry as imports and exports are delayed by new customs forms, shipping delays, and the fact that three different agenices will govern the sale of CBD products across England and Wales (the Food Standards Agency), Scotland (Food Standards Scotland), and Northern Ireland (European Commission).

As a family-run business dedicated to offering the safest high-quality CBD products, we want to keep you informed to avoid any sudden restrictions on what you can buy, based on where you live in the UK or Europe. And it might be worth investing in a little more than your normal supplies just to cover yourself when some of the new CBD-related rules come into force at the start of April.


New study into CBD reducing anxiety and stress

A new meta-analysis of clinical papers published around the world in 2019 and 2020 has shown that more than 70% of CBD research into anxiety and stress showed positive outcomes, with a 66.6% positive improvement for using CBD as an alternative treatement for depression.

As always, you shouldn't simply stop taking any current medication for anxeity, stress or depression. But the study shows once again that it might be worth talking to your doctor or health professionals about using it as an alternative or additional supplement as part of your wellness plan.


The last 12 months have been challenging for all of us, but despite some hurdles to jump over in 2021, we're confident that the benefits of CBD will continue to be demonstrated and experienced by an increasing number of people.

And we'd love to be part of your journey, as helping and supporting our customers is what motivates us every day. If you've got any questions about anything related to CBD, you can contact us here.