Doctors research and test CBD for Covid-19 recovery

It's important for us to stress that CBD is offered as a complimentary food supplement, and shouldn't replace the important role of vaccines, medical treatment, and protective measures during the Covid-19 pandemic.

There's no research yet to suggest that CBD will lower your chances of contracting the virus, or lessening the symptoms you may experience. But nonetheless, we wanted to share news of CBD being tested by doctors and scientists in helping patients recover from the effects of Covid-19 as it may become one part of the methods used in the future to minimise the outcomes of the virus.

Doctors research and test CBD for Covid-19 recovery


Doctors test the potential role of CBD in recovery from Covid-19

Doctors in Austria have tested administering CBD to 50 patients in ICU for three weeks, and found that patients appeared to clear the virus faster than a group receiving other medication.

Speaking to EFE, Dr Rudolf Likar stressed that the effectiveness of CBD in Covid-19 isn’t fully understood and there is a need for more studies and data.

And studies are also underway in Israel to see if there's a potential benefit of administering CBD in a variety of forms and dosages.

Despite this promising news for the future, we need to stress that so far CBD has not been proven to treat or mitigate the symptoms of Covid-19, or lower your risks of contracting the virus. So, it's important to follow the latest safety advice from official sources such as the NHS, and get professional medical advice or treatment if needed.


Recommendations for lighter regulation of CBD products

While there are numerous calls for stricter laws on CBD retail and use around the world, it’s good to see some calls for supporting consumers and the CBD industry. Most notable is a French parliamentary report calling for lighter regulation to support legal retail sales, and improvements to ensure the safety for anyone using CBD.

At We Are Kynd, we are fully behind measures which ensure you can have total confidence in our products, without needing any increase in prices or a restriction in the choice we can offer.


More insight into how CBD may affect the reward circuits in the brain

Previous studies into how CBD affects the brain have suggested that it may change how the ‘reward circuits’ operate, leading people to reduce cannabis use, for example. But a new study which gave a single large dose to 23 healthy volunteers has failed to show any significant difference, which may suggest it only targets reward networks which have “already been perturbed”.

This means it may have an effect on people that already have an existing drug addiction, but doesn’t create any kind of change in those that don’t. But as with almost all CBD studies, more research is needed over longer periods for conclusive results…


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