Can you drive after taking CBD Oil?

If you're integrating CBD into your daily wellbeing routine, you'll want to do it safely and responsibly. So can you drive after taking CBD oil, and is it legal to do in the UK?

We're happy to say the short answer is that there should be no problem with driving, if you're using CBD legally sold in the UK. Side effects are generally rare and very mild, although if you take a very high dose, you may suffer from drowsiness. So it's worth getting used to your new CBD regime for a little bit before driving. But there's no legal restriction, and you won't have to worry about a drug test, for example.

Can you drive after taking CBD oil?How is CBD oil legal to use in the UK?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of a number of natural compounds produced by hemp and cannabis plants. It interacts with the encocannabinoid system in your body, which can potentially offer a range of benefits as this network of transmitters and receptors helps to regulate and control a whole host of mental and physical functions.

We've got a whole host of guides covering the latest research and studies into using CBD for various issues, from Anxiety and IBS to joint pain or running injuries.

Importantly, CBD is non-psychoactive. Unlike Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the chemical compound which causes cannabis to give you a high.

For CBD products to be legally sold and used in the UK, tiny trace amounts of THC can be found in full or broad spectrum oils (less than 0.01%), and none in 0% Zero THC Isolate.


Will CBD impair your ability to drive?

As a food supplement, a relatively small number of people report side effects from starting to take CBD. In most cases these are also very mild, and similar to introducing any other supplement.

One potential side effect which is typically associated with consuming a high dose of CBD oil, particularly if it's also taken too quickly, can be drowsiness. Obviously you shouldn't drive if you're feeling drowsy, so you may want to avoid getting behind the wheel if you're just starting out with CBD Oil and getting used to it.

It's possible that CBD may interact with any existing prescription drugs you are taking, so it's important to check with your doctor or medical professional before adding it to existing medication.

There has been one small scale study into the effect of CBD on driving performance, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. 26 participants were given either CBD, THC or a placebo, and then tested on their driving skills after 40 minutes. The result was that only THC made a difference, and those given CBD showed no difference in their driving compared to those with a placebo.

But aside from those circumstances, there's no reason CBD would impair your driving. And given that it potentially helps with stress and anxiety, and has been suggested to improve alertness during the day, it might actually improve your driving experience. And possibly reduce the chance of getting road rage!


Is it legal to drive after taking CBD Oil?

From a legal perspective, you're completely fine to drive after taking CBD Oil, assuming you've purchased it from a reputable source. If a police officer believes you're potentially under the influence of alcohol or drugs, then they may conduct a field impairment test or a roadside drug screening - and CBD supplied and sold legally in the UK should not contain enough THC to show in your driving ability or on a drug test.

If you're particularly worried about the potential of THC to show up in any testing, then it's worth opting for a 0% THC Isolate oil.


CBD and driving

Ultimately it's legal and safe to drive after taking CBD oil, as long as you've purchased from a reputable source. With any supplements or medication, it's important to understand the potential side effects, and be aware if you encounter any which might impair your driving abilities.