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Our range of high-quality, luxury branded, sustainably sourced CBD health products are the perfect gift this year. If 2020 has shown us anything it’s that our health and loved ones are most important, above all else. Our products are designed to help in the most natural and kynd way possible. Research suggests CBD can help with a wide scope of ailments from mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and sleep deprivation to physical and chronic disorders such as joint pain, symptoms of MS, arthritis (commonly worsened as the cold weather draws in), epilepsy and even cancer patients have been recorded to reap the benefits of cannabidiol. A gift from Kynd is a gift for the greater good. Join the movement today.

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Our first NONE CBD Supplement


Welcome to Deep Sleep, our new and improved formula with each ingredient infused by professional doctors and scientists to ensure a restorative and restful nights sleep. It's naturally what we all need!

We have always put our customers needs first and getting a good nights' sleep is something many are struggling with. Due to the growing demand for natural alternatives and with a proven track record that our products are making a difference we have heard you all and are excited with our new capsules!

Join the movement with Kynd today and put your health and wellbeing at the forefront. It all starts with sleep!

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The cornerstone of our business is our belief that the planet is precious and that as its human inhabitants we must conduct our business- life and our personal life in such a way that we do as much as we can to minimise harm, conserve resources and give back. This belief was fostered when Lewis Rixon, founder of We Are Kynd spent long periods of time in Malaysia, Borneo and Indonesia witnessing firsthand the natural beauty (which he captured behind the lens in a series of beautiful photographs) and the devastation in the sea and on the on shore caused by plastic pollution and other waste. He resolved that any business he founded would not play a part in contributing...



trouble sleeping?

We all suffer from tiredness and problems sleeping from time to time. But when it happens regularly, it can have a huge effect on our health and lifestyle. And with as many as 16 million adults in the UK saying they suffer from insomnia, and almost half not getting the right amount of sleep, it’s no surprise an increasing number of people are looking to use CBD oil for sleep and insomnia. The good news is that using CBD Oil for sleep and insomnia can help you achieve the rest you need, without making you sedated or drowsy!

Emma H - ★★★★★

The 8% is a little miracle bottle! It works best for me before i go to bed to help me sleep through the whole night through. would highly recommend for anyone who struggles with sleeping!

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Seeing firsthand the natural habitat of the Orangutan being devastated for Palm Oil had such a profound impact on Lewis when he was living in Borneo that he made a commitment to supporting the One Tree Planted charitable initiative ( where one dollar plants one tree) once We Are Kynd was up and running. It’s his goal in the next 12 months that We Are Kynd will have contributed to the planting of 1,000 trees. Watch this space and hopefully it will be filled with trees.

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